PC Gaming Helped Drive Xbox to Backward Compatibility

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  • 3 Months ago
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In addition to discussing what’s in store for Microsoft’s VR plan and Scorpio design goals, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer talked about how his gaming background helped form the push for backward compatibility on Xbox One.

“…I grew up as a PC gamer, and the thing I love about the PC ecosystem is I can still go boot up Age of Empires 2 and I can go play that game,” Spencer said in an interview with Gamasutra. “It’s funny, I was looking at the World Video Game Hall of Fame, there’s like Solitaire and Donkey Kong….but…console has this construct that actually makes it hard to go back and play some of those old console games. Because the format is so tied to the hardware itself.”

Spencer went on to say how he thinks that with games as an art form, it’s important that people should be able to go back and play important games like how people “listen to old music or read old books.”

“And console generations make that difficult to do,” Spencer said. “There are advantages to the console generations, but I wanted to try to evolve our capability to kind of have the best of both. Old games that work well, new games that are innovative, and hardware platforms that could scale.”

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